The 4 Californian workouts you need to try

The 4 Californian workouts you need to try

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If you thought fitness in California stopped at canyon hikes and yoga – think again

California is famous for many things - first-class beaches, Silicon Valley, thriving cities, Hollywood (of course), great weather and some not so great traffic. But America's golden state also deserves credit in the fitness department, having created innovative workouts that are completely unique to fitness training today. From hybrid classes to reformations of traditional methods, here are our favourite Californian workouts you need to trial: 

Avante Barre 

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Founder Nini Gueco wanted to create a workout that bridged the gap between a traditional barre workout, dancing, and sports science, so she developed 'Avante Barre'. The San Francisco-born workout combines intense movements, deep stretching, quick exercise combos, and sweat-pumping cardio all to awesome music (which makes you semi forget you're even working out). And the result? A more lean, toned and stronger physique. 

Where to try: Avante Barre, San Francisco

Pop Physique

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Pop Physique was founded by former ballet dancer Jennifer Williams and syndicates yoga, pilates and ballet into a one-hour workout that's a mixture of intensity strength work and slow stretching. The combination of styles helps to not only increase abdominal strength, improve posture and tone your body, but enables you to push through all of the intense movements because the stretching continues to break it up. But be warned: it's highly addictive. 

Where to try: Pop Physique, Silverlake  


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It's described as "pilates on crack" - and once you do your first class you'll understand why. Megaformer was invented by Sebastian Lagree and is a hardcore fitness class that literally works the entire body. It's a more intense take on the traditional reformer machine, which allows bigger movements, quicker transition times and a greater range of dynamic moves to burn up calories and tone that bod. Fun fact: you will never do the same routine twice - so you'll always keep your muscles guessing and burning.

Where to try: Fit Buddha, Ventura


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Piloxing is the mashup of traditional boxing moves with pilate's principles to create a high-intensity, fat-burning, calorie-killing workout. The class consists of a series of fast boxing movements and pilates methods, all to loud energizing music. Piloxing is designed to do the workout wearing weighted gloves to help you burn fat and have more control over your moves. Prepare for a fast paced class, virtually no breaks, and to sweat. A lot.

Where to try: Studio Fusion, Huntington Beach 

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