Fitness secrets from Bonds and Victoria’s Secret model Bridget Malcolm

Fitness secrets from Bonds and Victoria’s Secret model Bridget Malcolm

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Exactly how does one get selected for the most competitive lingerie show in the world? Just ask Aussie model and Victoria’s Secret babe Bridget Malcolm…

They say the annual Victoria's Secret parade cherry picks the crème de la crème of the modelling industry. And considering the teeny tiny outfits the girls walk the runway in, they're not half wrong. Even though staying fit and toned is pretty much a model's meal ticket, it takes a lot to stay in shape all year long. Even though Bridget Malcolm is no stranger to a bikini shoot, 2015 marked her first year walking for the lingerie brand. And with a new role as Bonds ambassador (alongside actress Courtney Eaton), we felt like she was primed to give us an updated run down of her training and diet regime.

Congrats on the Bonds gig - can you us about it?
I'm the new face of the Bonds' activewear line which is really exciting for me because Bonds is such an iconic Australian brand. I've been wearing Bonds underwear for years and years and years, so I'm pretty excited about this. I shot the campaign just before Christmas.

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You walked in the Victoria's Secret show for the first time last year. What was that like?
It was insane. It's something I've worked towards for so many years and for it to finally, actually happen... It's hard because everything's so last minute and it's very hard to work towards and plan something like [that] - you have to look how they want and if you don't, you don't. For me, I always had the ability to do the Victoria's Secret as a show, I just had to get [my] body in shape and I think there was a good year of really intense working out and keeping on it. It's an amazing feeling.

What was your eating and training regime in the weeks leading up to the VS show?
I started working out for the show probably about two or three years ago, but it took a while for my body to get into shape. I worked out consistently throughout the year and then about a month before the show, I really stepped it up. I did two hours a day of training - cardio and boxing.  I worked really hard, I was exhausted after the show.

In everyday life I try to have rest days, it's really important to have a few days off for your muscles to recover. Leading up to the show, I did active rest days so instead of doing an hour of boxing, I'd just do an hour of Pilates, but most days I'd do something and it was worth it.

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What about your diet?
I'm vegan, so usually it's pretty clean. Over the years I've found my cravings for sweets and meat and all kinds of stuff has gone. I eat a ton of veggies, nuts and seeds, and a lot of coconut. I love oils; I don't back away from stuff like avocado or anything. But leading up to the show I started doing a lot more shakes and protein smoothies and just making sure there were no sugars or grains. Nothing fun, very boring!

When did you turn vegan?
I've been playing with veganism since 2009. I went full time vegan in 2015. It's a way of eating that I find always suits my body, whenever I go off it, I don't feel well, I get sick. I think it's a very specific diet for a very specific person so I'm not going to walk around telling people to be a vegan. I have quite an extreme personality, I tend to overdo something or not do it at all. I've never been a big meat eater and overnight I was like 'Let's just go for it!'. Luckily, it was good for me but usually people need a slower way to do it. That's probably the healthiest way to do it instead of shocking your body.

You're based in New York. Do you have any favourite clubs or a personal trainer that you work with?
I box and so for the show, I trained with a guy called Michael Olajide, Jr., he works out of a gym called Aerospace in New York.  He's Adriana [Lima]'s trainer. He's pretty intense and it's hard! Then I also do Skype sessions with my trainer at Ballet Beautiful, doing floor Pilates. It's great because I can Skype whenever I'm travelling. I've recently been trying a bit of Body by Simone which is actually by an Australian ex-dancer. It's dance cardio and a lot of fun.

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Do you share things you're doing with other models?
Yeah absolutely, I actually got [onto] Body by Simone by another Australian model. We all talk and see what each other are doing. There's really not a bitchy side, I've never experienced any bitchy models or any mean girls which is kind of nice.

In terms of food, do you have any weaknesses or things you like to indulge in?
I do. They're kind of hilarious though because most people are like, 'Uh that's not exactly junk food'. I have quite a sensitive stomach so it's a lot of vegan treats and desserts. But I really love fried , oily or greasy food. Like, sweet potato fries - that was the first thing I ate after the [Victoria's Secret] show. And have you ever had miso eggplant at a Japanese restaurant? It's so oily and amazing. It's a definite weakness, but not even that bad really!

What's your favourite healthy snack?
Veggies. I literally just finished off a punnet of cherry tomatoes while we were talking. For me I'll just munch on veggies - cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, anything I can get my hands on. I also have this chai tea - it's this brand called Metabuz and it's got turmeric, chai and stevia. It's this great mix of great spices that are all anti-inflammatories. I'm pretty boring.

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What's your biggest body trouble spot?
Probably my hips; I've got a wider hip than my legs but it's impossible to reduce. I've tried, but at the end of the day, you can only work out so much and your body's always going to look the same. It's just going to be smaller or bigger. You'll be a lot happier if you just accept it.

What beauty or body treatments can you recommend?
I just found a new skincare brand that I'm obsessed with. It's called iS Clinical and they have this serum, its' called Active Serum and it's amazing. I went back to work this week after a month of using it and every single make-up artist noticed, like 'Whoa, your skin has changed so much'.

If you need to look good in a bikini in just a week, is there anything you could recommend?
If you've got a week that's kind of insane but I would say try experimenting with intermittent fasting. I do that a lot where I try to leave at least 12 hours between dinner and breakfast which is easy to do when you sleep, that's a good eight hours or so. I like trying fasted running if I need to lose weight quickly. It's going for a run for 30 minutes on an empty stomach and then just making sure to have two grams of water for every gram of carbohydrate. And cut out starches and salt. But there's really no quick fix. It's taken me a while to get my body in shape and I've tried every quick fix.   

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