Bloated? Tired? Here's how to solve a food intolerance

Bloated? Tired? Here's how to solve a food intolerance

Enter the elimination diet

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Are you feeling a little off? Wondering where your energy has gone? An elimination diet is the way to discover if food sensitivities are to blame

The biggest mistake in nutrition is assuming there is one perfect diet. Everyone is unique and has individual needs. If you're suffering from a stomach complaint, the best thing you can do is go down a path of self-exploration.

An elimination diet is a process where you remove certain foods for a short period and then slowly re-introduce specific foods whilst monitoring your symptoms. This occurs over two three-week periods:

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Elimination phase

What to eat: All fruits (no citrus fruits), all vegetables (except potato, tomato, eggplant), rice, fish, turkey, lamb, coconut milk, olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, tea, herbs, salt, pepper and stevia if needed.

The foods above are not linked with stomach complaints. If a food isn't on the list you are to eliminate it for three weeks.

Re-introduction phase

The aim is now to re-introduce a single food group for one day only and then monitor your symptoms for two days. For example, re-introduce dairy by eating cheese, ice cream and a glass of milk on a Monday, then monitor your symptoms on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I recommend keeping a journal and tracking any physical, mental or emotional symptoms. Negative reactions include insomnia, fatigue, joint pain, skin breakouts, headaches, stomach pain, bloating, brain fog or blocked sinus.

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Re-introduce each food group in the following order:

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Use a little bit of common sense and only re-introduce foods that you eat regularly. Each day, record how you feel and you should be able to discover what foods make you feel ill.

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