Bikini ready: how to train like model Bridget Malcolm

Bikini ready: how to train like model Bridget Malcolm

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When it comes to looking this good in a swimsuit - sorry, but there are no shortcuts...

Having modelled for the likes of Polo Ralph Lauren, Victoria's Secret, Triangl swimwear, Harper's Bazaar interrnational, US Elle and V Magazine (phew), Aussie model Bridget Malcolm sure knows her way around a bikini or lingerie shoot. Here, she talks dieting, training and getting bikini-worthy.  

How do you prepare yourself before a big bikini shoot or runway show?
I'm all about cardio combined with Pilates. A month leading up to an important show, I'll start working out two hours a day. I combine an hour of reformer Pilates with an hour of boxing or jump rope cardio. Eating becomes very clean - grilled vegetables with vegan protein sources, protein shakes and plenty of supplements to support my immune system while working so hard.

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What's your average day on plate?
I start my day with a black coffee, then a few hours later a big smoothie - usually VEGA vegan protein powder, with greens, berries, bananas, and hemp seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, turmeric and a bit of avocado. This keeps me full forever! I like to have lunch around 2pm and it's usually something small - salad with loads of veggies and maybe some nuts and seeds. For dinner I often have Japanese, I love brown rice veggie sushi (with avocado) or a veggie stir-fry with tempeh. Whatever cuisine I am eating, I always find ways of making it very healthy and plant based.

Do you have any secret training tips?
Everybody is different - and so it pays to try all sorts of workouts until you find one that inspires you to work hard! The ultimate combo is toning plus cardio, so find a way to make it fun - it never feels like work if you're learning new things. Boxing was like that for me, I enjoy it so much that when my hour is up it feels like I barely started.

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What's your favourite workout?
I love the satisfaction you get after a good sparring session (although this isn't for everyone!) and the empowerment you get after a good reformer session. However my favourite workouts are my long runs outside - I plug into my awesome '80s playlist and explore wherever I happen to be at that time, 

Which exercises do you hate doing?
Anything that involves my quads. I just flat out refuse to work them - they just have to be looked at and they bulk up! So no Soul Cycle for me! Luckily, there are ways around it.

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What are your tips for toning your butt, getting a flat stomach, sculpting your arms and slimming thighs?
Everything I do toning-wise you can do with a set of ankle weights. Butt - get on all fours and do leg lifts and on your side do some clam variations. A flat stomach comes from cardio and a good diet (sorry, it's true - abs are made in the kitchen!) so get running and boxing for your obliques. Arms come from boxing and using light weights for curls and lifts for triceps. And thighs? Again, use the ankle weights, get on your back and on all fours and do side lifts and circles on each leg.

What's the one thing that most model workout routines have in common?
The combination of lengthening Pilates work and cardio. It's the key!

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