Lately, it seems like everyone's become a runner - maybe it's so we can actually justify buying another pair of sneakers, or perhaps it's simply because when it comes to weight loss and, you know, our cardiovascular health, running rates as one of the best forms of exercise out there.

Now, Nike is bringing a women's-only half-marathon to Sydney on July 3, the first event of its kind in Australia. It's part of the annual Nike Women Victory Tour, a series of worldwide women's events that included last weekend's NTC Tour Sydney. Starting on April 11, Nike+ will launch a 12-week training program to help you prepare for the half-marathon on their app and through Nike+ Run Club live sessions, which you can sign up for here.

In the spirit of Nike+ Run Club, runners are encouraged to enter for the half-marathon with a team (did someone say #girlsquad?) but can enter individually as well. Registration is $50 or $150 with a shoe package, and both entry fees include a Nike race tank. Register here

Australia's first ever Nike Women's half-marathon is coming