Are the words of others serving to undermine all your hard work? Ricardo Riskalla explains how

In the fitness world and life in general we have people around us that are not supportive. In my fitness career I have seen almost everything in terms of sabotage. What intrigues me the most is the sabotage performed by the people that we consider the closest to us.

Imagine this scenario: you train, follow a diet program, and then after a while you look great, your health is skyrocketing and you have loads more energy. Like it or not, that will attract and generate two kinds of attention.

The first attention you will receive will be comments from people, mentioning that you look great, and people will ask questions to find out what you are doing. The second kind of attention, and believe or not, it usually happens from the people closest to you, will be the negative attention. I call it negative since it has a diminishing quality to it. It is usually a comment or a look designed to put you down.

Are your fitness and weight loss goals being sabotaged?

Some examples of this negative behaviour are comments like:
"You are looking too thin. Stop losing weight".
In my view the translation for it would be: "You are taking control of your life and looking and getting healthier and that puts pressure on others to change and challenge their current behaviours. And that is a big threat to anyone; anything related to change scares people. And talking about changing your diet or lifestyle is like changing religions sometimes.

Other negative comments are:
"You are too extreme, drink just a little bit of this or eat this cake."
In my view the translation for it would be: "Stop trying to change MY beliefs, you must conform and follow it like I do."  At the end of the day, you must be always alert to diminishing attitudes towards you. I follow the rule that if it feels weird, it is because it is WEIRD. In that case just raise your boundaries and answer "Thank you, for your comment".

Are your fitness and weight loss goals being sabotaged?

Replying with gratitude will make sure that you don't waste your energy with people that try to drag you down. My advice is to always associate yourself with positive people, and people that will support you and build you up. There is nothing wrong with checking other attitudes towards you, especially when it comes to a time when you are getting healthier.

I receive so many comments from my clients complaining about social drinking pressures, and my answer is always: "Be yourself! If you feel like saying no, say "NO". A huge part of being healthy is having strong boundaries and targets. So stick to your convictions and remember that if it feels good and healthy, continue. If it feels weird, it probably is and in that case RUN from it.

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Are your fitness and weight loss goals being sabotaged?