Are ‘body-types’ and ‘labels’ overcomplicating our training routines?

Are ‘body-types’ and ‘labels’ overcomplicating our training routines?

Back to basics

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Pear shaped? Apple shaped? Ectomorph? When it comes to finding a training routine, personal trainer Ricardo Riskalla suggests stripping back the labels and taking it back to basics

I am of the belief that if something is too complicated or difficult to understand, it needs to be simplified to the core. This can be applied to body types; there are so many classifications and names for certain body types. You have probably heard the words 'pear' and 'apple' shaped, to more intrinsic classifications like Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph. 

It does not need to be so complicated. Instead of labelling yourself into a category, look at yourself in the mirror and write down what you want to change in your body. Let this sit with you for a few days then review the points to uncover why you want to change these parts. Once you understand why, you can create a plan of action.

The basic principles of nutrition apply to all body types, such as portioning your meals and ensuring you are eating unprocessed foods free of salt and sugar. I discuss it more in my book The Rawfit Diet.

In terms of exercises to improve certain body parts - simplify it. I do not recommend gyms; you do not need to spend too much money to achieve results. Start with walking and focusing on your breathing. Take deep breaths in and out through your nose. The objective is to relax; magic happens when your body is relaxed, your organs can work properly which eases the digestion of food.

When it comes to reducing proportions of certain body parts, the exercises need to be much more targeted, but this does not mean they need to be more complicated.

For your arms:

Push-ups are your best friend. There is no need to get on the floor, try wall push-ups standing up against a wall. This needs to be done for fifteen minutes or more; I'm talking long duration, and high repetition.

For your stomach:

Ol' faithful sit ups are the best exercise for the core. I suggest you do them by the hundreds (yes you read that right), some of my sessions involve up to 500 or 1000 sit-ups.

For your legs:

Walking, walking, walking! Try to incorporate more walking into your daily routine; make the decision to walk one bus stop further, or better yet skip the bus and walk the distance, and use any opportunity to take the stairs - there are no excuses.  I would also suggest yoga or ballet-like exercises. Get inspired by my exercise videos Rawfit Model Series.

Get out of the world of pear shapes and Ectomorphs and start training with a body you love. 

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Are ‘body-types’ and ‘labels’ overcomplicating our training routines? (фото 1)

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