9 health and fitness secrets from Robyn Lawley

9 health and fitness secrets from Robyn Lawley

(Including her salad recipe)

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Westfield’s latest ambassador Robyn Lawley shares the wellness secrets she’s picked up during her long and successful modelling career

As a model who's learned how to manage her weight the hard way (don't diet!) Robyn Lawley has one of the healthiest approaches to health, fitness and wellbeing around. So we quizzed the Aussie model, cookbook author and new face of Westfield's latest campaign about her biggest health and wellbeing secrets.

Wellness is a term thrown around by a lot of people - what does it encompass for you?
Wellness is about taking care of your own health and your family's. I believe it is crucially important to take care of one's self. For me personally, it's about taking care of not only your physical health but also your mental wellbeing.

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What's your trick for staying healthy and eating a balanced diet when you're on the go?
I choose easy to eat wholefoods, like bananas or avocados which are high in energy and good fats. I love eating sushi and sashimi too, it's very easy in Australia to eat healthy on the go. When I am in America I struggle to find the same options when I travel.

Can you share one of your favourite recipes with us?
Watermelon rocket salad. It's a salad I love to make from my cookbook Robyn Lawley Eats - I also love making my own vinaigrette.

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What's your favourite exercise and why?
Yoga - even with intense classes I always enjoy the calm wind down.

We've heard you make your own beauty products - how did that start?
I started when I was pregnant to make things simple and easy. I knew exactly what was going into my skin and, in turn, my daughter's. I was still modelling at the time too and I just wanted to minimise the chemicals that were going into my skin.

Can you share a recipe for a homemade product?
My favourite is my lavender body butter: you mix ¼ shea butter, melt it in a saucepan, ½ coconut and ½ olive oil and mix it together. Crush fresh lavender, blend/mix all the ingredients together and freeze it overnight.

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You're a huge role model for healthy bodies and body positivity - what's one piece of wisdom you've learned along the way?
You have to love yourself. You have to be comfortable and content with who you are right now. Stop the hate, the guilt. There is so much more to life and you are going to miss out worrying about other people's ideals.

What was the worst diet you've ever put yourself on?
I don't do diets.

How have you adjusted your training/diet since becoming a mother?
I train when I can!! I don't hold myself too accountable when I can't. If I do really want to exercise though, I make yoga the priority. While I am travelling I do like to do SoulCycle or kickboxing with a trainer, and that's why I am really excited to co-host a spin class at Westfield Bondi Junction on Thursday with my Australian trainer Penny Walsh.

Robyn hosts Westfield's Beauty and Wellness Weekend from October 15-16. Head to for more info.

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