9 fitness secrets from model Tahnee Atkinson

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Wondering how Tahnee Atkinson keeps that gorgeous figure in shape year-round? So did we, so we asked her

With her va-va-voom curves and real-girl approach to dieting, we think Aussie beauty and Australia's Next Top Model alum Tahnee Atkinson should be the poster child for a fit, healthy and glowing young model. Considering how rare it is to find a model not following some version of a Paleo/Alkaline/Blood type diet, frankly, we find it refreshing that Bras N Things picked such a normal eater to front their recent campaign.

Granted, it's hard to look like Tahnee in lingerie (who can compete with those god-given assets?), but given the chance, we thought we'd at least find out her diet and training secrets... Click through the gallery above to find out what they are.   

9 fitness secrets from model Tahnee Atkinson (фото 1)

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