8 steps to a mini body makeover

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Personal trainer Ricardo Riskalla shares his 8 quick tips to get summer ready

In case the warmer weather had you fooled, we're here to let you know that summer is well and truly on its way. For some reason, despite the seasonal calendar warning of its fiery return, every year it seems as though it rolls in almost unannounced. Skirts are getting shorter and spaghetti straps are back baby!  With less in the way of clothing comes less ways to hide those pesky areas carrying a little more to love from the extra winter calories you consumed. Suddenly you regret that week you ate pasta for lunch and dinner for seven days straight, and the nightly chocolate biscuit you consumed with your tea while watching Game of Thrones.

Alas, you are not alone, and thankfully there are some mini-makeover magic tricks you can do at home to reverse those wintery mistakes your past self made. Here are personal trainer Ricardo Riskalla's tips for a mini body makeover.  

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