8 easy spring cleanse tips to get bikini ready

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Nutritionist Zoe Dent shares the secrets to supercharging your spring cleanse for max bikini-ready results

Ready to don your fave bikini and hit the beach now the weather is on the warm up? No? Us either, but it's definitely time to start thinking about it and the best way to switch from hibernation to bikini-ready state is with a spring cleanse.

Find Your Glow stellar nutritionist Zoe Dent says, "Spring is the perfect time to dust away the toxic cobwebs, lighten your digestive load and welcome the bikini wearing season. But before you panic at the mere mention of a bikini and launch head first into the latest cleanse fad, read our top eight swaps to supercharge your cleanse."

From completely fabulous advice like swapping the gym for a massage (YASSS!) scroll through for Zoe's eight spring cleanse switch ups:

Zoe is running a spring cleanse program with Kellie Prieur from HeartGlow Yoga which includes an eight week cleansing wholefoods plan, weekly meditation, yoga sequences and an educational e-book, for details: 
You can also find Zoe on Insta @findyourglow_nutrition

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