7 secrets to a supermodel body


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Model trainer, Ricardo Riskalla shares his secret work out tips to achieve a supermodel body

When it comes to working out you need to ask yourself what you wish to achieve; do you wish to gain muscle and feel stronger? Do you want to lose weight? Are you hoping to tone up rather than bulk up? Once you spearhead your goal, you can tailor a work out regime to achieve the results you need. If your goal is to look like a Victoria's Secret model in a bikini (or as close to one as possible without the supermodel genes), the problem with finding a work out that fits is that a lot of gym and personal training exercises are tailored to men who wish to 'bulk up'.

Of course diet is extremely important in achieving a supermodel bod, however there are also a few simple changes that can be made to your existing work outs to achieve supermodel worthy results. Model personal trainer, Ricardo Riskalla shares his supermodel workout secrets in the gallery above.


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