The only 5 winter training tips you'll ever need

The only 5 winter training tips you'll ever need

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Winter is here and the alps are calling. But before hitting the slopes and suffering the muscle-crushing pain of zero pre-game prep, get involved with these five simple pre-ski training moves

Skiing and après-skiing are two factors firmly in winter's favour. After all, is there anything better than a heart-pumping, adrenaline-filled day riding the powdery white slopes followed by a mulled wine (or five) by the fire? Probably not. But there's nothing worse than taking your ski boots off en route to the wine and realising you can't feel your feet... not because they're frozen, but because the muscles have said sayonara and thanks for not doing any pre-training. To be fair, if you were able to ski all day you're probably pretty fit in the first place - but unfortunately not in the right place. 

We took this snow sport training Q to fitness expert, Libby Babet, and she laid out a pre-slope game plan so you can ski all day and make it to the après bar on your own two feet afterwards (maybe even in heels).

Tip #1: It's all about the legs
Squats are not just for showing off in a set of denim cut-offs in summer - they're also key to the whole strong ski leg situation in winter. When you need a break from the squats (not after one, think 100) get involved with a set of lunges and step ups; #strongnotskinny is the end game here.

Tip #2: Get sideways
Think lots of multi-directional work like lateral leaps, curtseys and 45-degree lunges -  all of which you can do at home or add into your outdoor training program. If you're at a well-equipped gym hit the TRX, ViPR, and BOSU and rep it out in as many directions as you can: back, front, up, down etc.

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Tip #3: Plyo with purpose
Plyometrics are the jump-style moves that strengthen your muscles, they kick start your heart and amp up your overall fitness. Go for jumps, bounds, drop squats, burpees and skipping. Sounds scary; totally works.

Tip #4: Core skills
Skiing and boarding require a strong supportive core to keep you right side up. Strengthen it up with plenty of rotational core work such as cable rotations, transverse crunches, mountain climbers and bicycle crunches. And hey, if all that core training comes with a six pack of killer abs, that's a side effect worth crunching for.

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Tip #5: Stay still drill
You're in one position a lot of the time when you're skiing and snowboarding so isometrics are important, we're talking squat holds, lunge holds and planks.

And finally, don't forget to stretch.

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