5 ways to get your winter glow on

5 ways to get your winter glow on

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Less sunlight and colder nights make waking up in winter a dark-circled, dull-complexioned, macchiato-fuelled affair - hardly a way to start the day off chic. Here are five ways to get glowing, lit-from-within skin when it's cold outside, so you can say #iwokeuplikethis, and really mean it.

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Send your skin to sleep

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Whether you're working late, or staying out later, fatigue is the first thing to start showing on your face and while we will forever support splurging on a fabulous foundation or a must-have mascara, we know that night-time is the prime time to invest in your skin.

Why? Your skin's repair mode peaks as you sleep, so you'll get maximum mileage out of whatever you layer on before lights out. Once you've seen the signs that late nights, the environment, pollution and UV rays leave on your face, it's only harder to reverse them - that's why starting young and preventing them is key. Those fine lines, dullness and uneven tone can be prevented with an anti-oxidant-rich serum like Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair. Like beauty sleep in a bottle, it works hard while you rest up, hydrating and wiping away weariness to wake you up glowing tomorrow, while the high-tech repairing ingredients work from within to strengthen and support skin's natural night time repair and purification processes for skin that gets better and better over time.

Advanced Night Repair

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Have a morning ritual

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Swapping the snooze button for some sun salutations will do more than just stretch out tension and that 6-inch heel-induced soreness. Developing a signature yoga sequence and finding a moment of meditation in the morning helps reenergise and centre the mind, setting you up for the day. Plus, moving your body before breakfast also boosts your metabolism and invigorates circulation for an instant glow in your cheeks - no illuminator necessary.

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Find a fragrance

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Quality sleep is the easiest and most economical way to get a glowing complexion. Scented candles aren't just fillers for your Instagram feed; taking in the right scent before hitting the hay will help send you to sleep faster and have you waking up fresher. Lavender is a safe bet, with studies showing that it decreases the heart rate and eases anxiety, but any scent that settles your body and mind will work wonders. 

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There's an app for that

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If you feel groggy rather than glowing come morning you might need to get back into the groove of your circadian rhythm. Waking up at the right time in the cycle is the secret to rising totally refreshed and there are multiple apps and machines to help you get there.

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So fresh and so clean

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Need another reason to splurge on those luxe linen sheets? Studies have shown that people get a better night's sleep on fresh bedding, while having a clean and clutter-free room reduces anxiety. It comes down to making your room a place you can rest in. Give yourself a turndown service by dimming the lights, peeling back your sheets and lighting a candle before bedtime. Experts also say LED lights in phones mess with your sleep patterns, so save your emails and messages for morning.

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