5 ways to allow your body to heal itself

5 ways to allow your body to heal itself


Text: Brittany Lane

Ricardo Riskella wants us to re-evaluate our mental states and focus on healing our bodies from the inside out

In western cultures, we have a certain mentality that healing comes from the outside. But in reality, when it comes to restoring our bodies, everything starts from the inside. It's just about finding the right elements and conditions to the body and then the body can work its own magic. Here's my top five ways on healing your body:

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1. Sleep: The most important healing process that you can ever do to your body is sleep. Try to aim for a minimum of 8 hours of sleep per night to totally let your body regenerate itself.

2. Mediate: Sit down and follow your breath, and you'll see how much this will heal your mind itself. You'll be surprised how much improvement you will feel in your overall wellbeing by doing so.

3. Try to minimise products: Sometimes we overwhelm our bodies with unnecessary products that can in fact being doing more harm than good. Instead, stick to minimal ingredient products that use natural and non-harmful ingredients. Re-consider switching to an organic deodorant, moisturiser and shampoo and condition if you haven't already.

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4. Food intake: Try to limit your food intake from time to time. Intermitted fasting has been proven to have many lasting benefits on insulin levels, cellular repair and gene expression which can help your body heal in the long run.  

5.  Light exercise: Lastly, it's so important to add moderate exercise like yoga or Pilates to our lifestyle to help our bodies function. These types of workouts benefit your body's strength, but without causing too much cell oxidation. Yoga is also a powerful tool to help reduce stress, centre the mind and balance organ function.

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