5 simple ways to jump start your metabolism

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Winter is all about hiding under the doona and eating comfort food, but according to wellness expert and founder of Activated Nutrients, Blair Norfolk, that doesn't mean your metabolism also has to hit hibernation phase

I'd never tell anyone to ditch the comfort foods and cosy couch sessions that get you through winter. When winter hits, the climate turns cold, the trees lose their leaves and we don't see nearly as much wildlife. Everything in nature changes with the seasons, so why shouldn't we?

During winter, most humans have access to warmth and nutrition; mammals living in the wild don't necessarily have those comforts. They eat less throughout the winter, so their metabolism slows down to match their intake. Our lifestyle is not quite the same as a bear hibernating in the woods, but the biological processes going on in our bodies can be quite similar. With some experts saying the human metabolism slows in winter for the same reason as wild animals, but then there's another group of experts insisting the human metabolism doesn't get sluggish because of the weather - we're just eating more and moving less!

Either way, there are solid stats on winter weight gain with research showing that it's common to gain a few kilos when it's cold out. To help you stay on track scroll through for five simple tips to maintain an optimal metabolic rate this winter: 

Blair Norfolk is one of the founders of Activated Nutrients, for more information head to:

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