5 reasons flexitarian is the hottest new diet to try

Text: Yeong Sassall

Dietician Georgina Moore dishes on the new food movement hitting our shores

It's no surprise Australians love their meat and barbecues, but an interesting statistic recently found that Australia now ranks #1 for googling the term vegan. Interest in a plant-based diet is growing and 44% of Australians report going meat free at least one day per week.

We have also become increasingly aware of what we should and shouldn't be eating, however a refreshing approach to food has landed in Australia and it's likely to stay.  Going flexitarian is about embracing plant-based foods and giving them more room on the plate. This doesn't make you vegan or vegetarian, but as the name suggests a, flex-i-tarian. We speak to Georgina Moore, Dietitian for Sumo Salad who explains why everyone should flex.

Georgina is an Accredited Dietitian with the Dietitians Associations of Australia and is Sumo Salad's right-hand woman for all things diet and food. Georgina also has her own private practice.

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