5 indoor workouts to get you fighting fit this winter

5 indoor workouts to get you fighting fit this winter

Bring on the cold weather! We'll be sweating indoors

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From yoga challenges to workouts that will shake your booty, all these exercises can be done at home with hardly any equipment.

The weather is turning and making the decision to hibernate until next summer is SO TEMPTING. But it doesn't have to be that way. Exercise doesn't need sunshine or even gym equipment. Exercise just needs the stubborn resolve to get yourself out of bed and into trainers every morning. That and a handy app or Youtube channel for a bit of guidance.

Here are five of the best workout programs you can do indoors with almost no equipment.

Sweat App

With nearly nine million followers on Instagram alone, Kayla is queen of the at-home workouts. Her feed is a combination of beautiful healthy food, enviable ab selfies, workout videos and unbelievable before and after shots of women who have used her app.

The Sweat app has legs, arms and abs days interspersed with HIIT (high intensity interval training, or sprinting until you feel like vomiting) and LISS (low intensity steady state, or going for a nice walk with a podcast). There are also rest days, weekly challenges and if you're so inclined, a meal plan with recipes and shopping lists.


Yoga with Adriene - 30 day Yoga Challenge

Adriene is funny, a kickass yogi and her studio is #plantgoals. She does yoga for when you've got a headache (it starts with drinking a tall glass of water), yoga for when you've eaten too much dinner, yoga for when you've been sitting at a desk too long and your back feels like it's a solid hunk of cement.

Try the 30 day challenge, an achievable daily 25 minutes of yoga that's sure to make you a little stronger, a little more flexible and a lot more happy.

Tone it Up

Tone it Up is good for those who don't want the commitment (and subscription fee) of an app. There are two options to the program's daily workout: a 15 minute set of toning gif-led exercises focused on legs, arms, core or total body, or a longer complete workout inside the paid app.

tone it up

Dance Fitness with Jessica

Production values aren't the most pro, but Dance Fitness with Jessica makes up for it with all the pop music you can handle. Word to the uncoordinated, you might have to make use of that 0.25 speed setting in Youtube to catch all the steps, but once you get it, imagine all the new moves you'll have to bust out at the club. No one will know you're just doing your dance workout steps, unless you start doing the squats from the Sorry Not Sorry routine.

Runtastic Body Weight Exercises

If you're the type of person who gets bored with repetition, this app contains 180 different body weight exercises. There are three ways to use the app. You can personalise a 12-week training program, create your own workout by targeting an area of your body and the duration of workout, or just do standalone workouts, like tons of killer burpees.

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