5 basic diet switch ups for a killer new year body


Text: Lucie Clark

Tis the season to indulge, which means your slim line 2017 resolutions are right around the corner, so we’ve rounded up five super easy diet switch ups for a clean, lean new year, new body

At this time of the year getting from one party to the next ensemble intact, gift in hand and without breaking a heel is the main goal. And diet? As if! That left the building with the first eggnog pour. Plus, everyone knows that's why they invented new year's resolutions - for detoxing, dieting and dreaming of finally looking like a Victoria's Secret model. We hear you. So we've taking the pain out of the resolution reality check and asked our resident clean-living nutritionist, Zoe Dent from super site Find Your Glow for five easy-as diet switch ups that will kick start 2017 in bikini-ready style.

Scroll through for Zoe's five simple diet switch ups to do now (if you're game) or when Jan 1 rolls around:

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