4 things your trainer wants you to stop doing

Text: Yeong Sassall

Personal trainer James Anderson has had ENOUGH of hearing women say these four things

The female species can be so damn [enter any word that has the same or similar meaning to the following; "annoying", "frustrating", "confusing", and/or "strange"]. But, for all the pain, I just can't help but LOVE you guys - because regardless of all that crap, you're pretty f**king awesome, too. And I guess if I'm honest, I'm 87% sure that it's us guys that are the cause of the problem 94% of the time anyway, right? So, with the "L" word thrown out there, please continue reading with the knowledge that although the following might seem a little harsh, I promise you that it comes from a good place.  

You see, as much as I've loved training females over the years, hearing the same BS come out of their mouths has taken a toll. Enough is enough. It's time for some women to hear (and hopefully understand) some tough truths about their health and happiness. As for most women that I speak with, not many are consistently healthy, and even less are remotely happy when it comes to their health.

And these (in my opinion) are 4 of the biggest causes of the problem and ones that I ask you remove from your vocabulary

4 things your trainer wants you to stop doing (фото 1)

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