3 unhealthy habits to avoid this winter

3 unhealthy habits to avoid this winter

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Text: Brittany Lane

Ricardo Riskella explains the simple solution to avoid common winter mistakes

As soon as the cold season approaches, we seem to instantly go into a three-month hibernation where health and fitness is a thing of the past. But this winter, try to avoid the three most common mistakes and learn how to adapt to the new weather by following these simple resolutions: 

1) Stay hydrated:
When the cold sets in, it is very common for people to stop drinking water and believe it or not, in autumn and winter is a crucial time to stay hydrated. It's common though - the last thing you feel like doing on a freezing cold day is drink a glass of ice cold water, but there are other ways to hydrate your body. A great solution is to drink warm water or teas. Teas also are filled with wonderful benefits like antioxidants that are in green tea and matcha. Stick to herbal teas after 2pm - as the caffeine in green tea can keep you wide awake.

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2) Go outside regardless of the weather: 
Does this sound familar: It's freezing outside, and you're meant to do a workout - 99% of the time bed seems like a way better alternative. But the best way to take on the outside and continue your usual run/walk or anything else, is to simply warm up before you leave the house. Drink a hot tea and do some star jumps or push ups to physically warm up your body.

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3) Continue with your usual diet
As soon as it ticks over to winter, we're all guilty in indulging in hearty, wholesome carb-loaded foods that we wouldn't usually eat.  But sticking to your usual food groups is the best way to scare off any unwanted weight gain. I completely get that a salad would be the last thing you feel like on a cold rainy day, so try swapping your usual salads with a homemade vegetable soup. This way, you're still getting your usual vegetable intake but adapting to the cooler climate change.

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