3 ways to fight winter weight gain

3 ways to fight winter weight gain

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So our friend summer is gone, and that cold “thing” is creeping in…

As a trainer, every year I see the same mistakes being made during the winter months. To avoid any sneaky weight gain during the cooler period, here are the three biggest things to remember: 

1) Avoid cooking that delicious dish you saw on TV:
Think about the power of television: you've just gotten home, feeling a bit cold, turned on your favourite TV show, and an amazing chef is cooking a visually-pleasing, mouth- watering meal. But unless that recipe is sugar-free, gluten-free and salt-free (which 9/10 times it's not), that carb overloading meal is slowly damaging all of your hard efforts from the summer. So instead, stick to your usual food plans and meals. 

2)  Continue to go outside: 
When it's dark outside, it's easy to go into serious hibernation. But even though the sun doesn't stay out past 8pm anymore, it's important to still get up and go for a walk, get some fresh air and keep up your usual outdoor exercise routine. 

3) Monitor your clothing size:
It may sound silly, but if your clothing size starts to feel a little tighter and you find you're buying clothes one up - then you need to release why you're doing this! Focus on getting back to your usual foods, exercising regularly and maintaining the same health and fitness as your summer months, regardless of the weather.

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