The 13 most healthy 'drunk food' options

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Believe it or not, your drunken food binges don't have to end at the kebab stand at 3am. Here, we discover 13 better-for-you options than hot dogs and Maccas French fries

We've all been there, dressed in our LBD, heels in hand, chowing down on a bucket of gravy-soaked fries, grease-laden triple everything burger, or MSG-flavoured noodles at the tail end of a champagne-fuelled night of fun. The carbs, the grease.. why does it all seems so right after cutting loose with a cocktail (or five)? It's the perfect pairing of forbidden fruits - boatloads of liver-crushing alcohol and rubbish foods that would never normally cross your path, let alone your lips. Fast forward to the next day... extreme parchment, a pounding headache, nausea, and the pressing question of who left that half eaten burger on your pillow?

Surely there must be another, healthier way? We took it to our resident health guru, nutritionist Louise Cavanough, who confirmed what our bodies had been shouting at us from hangover corner for years, "The foods you usually think of as poor dietary choices become even worse for you when combined with alcohol, anything high in sugar, trans fats, or simple carbohydrates - pretty much all fast and processed food." But the good - make that great - news is there are healthier foods to consume when you're drinking, drunk or battling the morning after, that'll lower the blowout factor and lessen the hangover pain. Truly.

Scroll through for Louise's top 13 healthy foods to eat when throwing down shots... or when you're recovering from that boozy night out. While they won't completely wipe the health slate clean, they will tone down the aftermath of a few too many.

Louise practices at Catch up on all her other health and nutrition stories for Buro here.

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