12 super snack foods that won't make you fat

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It's 3pm on a Tuesday you're so hungry you're eyeing off the tab key on your keyboard as a potential source of protein, good fat or carb (who knows which part of the food pyramid plastic falls into?). We get it, we've all been there. But there is another way...

Once the tic-toc hits the afternoon clock, weird things start happening to your body - your blood sugar takes a dive, your stomach shouts rude things at you and your computer starts looking edible (it's really not). The next inevitable step in this sad snack tale is towards the bright neon lights of the calorie-laden vending machine. Which is also a step towards the 'why did I eat four Mars Bars?' shame spiral. But... if you can resist the siren call of the chocolate counter - there are a ton of healthy options with all the correct carb/protein assets that'll crush your hunger pangs, boost your energy and fit perfectly in your purse for on-the-go snack emergencies. This is not a drill people, delicious healthy snacks actually exist in real life.

Scroll through for 12 super snacks that'll cover sweet or savoury cravings, fit the #cleaneating bill, and can be added directly to your tote today.

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