10 ways to burn more calories without even exercising

Text: Yeong Sassall

Hate working out, or hit a busy patch? There are more ways to lose weight than sweating it out at the gym, says Anna McClelland

And no, we don't mean starving yourself. If you think the only way to lose weight is by way of torturous HIIT sessions and break-of-day runs, do we have good - wait, make that life-changing - news for you (disclaimer: those things will obviously help too). Click through the gallery above and you'll find scientifically sound ways to boost your body's metabolism, burn fat and even lower blood sugar levels - all without breaking a sweat. You won't even need to wear activewear (but we completely understand if you do anyway).

Whether you don't have time to exercise, hate the mere idea or want to maximise your current regimen, click through the gallery above to see the fat-burning tricks to work into your day.

10 ways to burn more calories without even exercising (фото 1)

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