Well millennials, we've officially done it. Our love for $20 smashed avocado has exceeded everyone's expectations so much so that we have eaten up Australia's supply. They told us we couldn't have our cake and eat it to and now we literally can't.  According to The Australian, the demand for avocado on toast, guacamole and green smoothies could see our country import more than 20,000 tonnes of avocados from our New Zealand neighbours throughout the summer months.

The Australian reports that the average Aussie is consuming 3.5 kilos of avocado per year. While this is nothing compared to our rival avocado enthusiasts in Mexico who consume a whopping 10kg per person each year, some pundits predict we are well on our way to consuming this amount and more.

Currently as a whole Australian consumption of the green seeded fruit is at 86,000 tonnes per year which has more than doubled consumption from the past decade.  With this exponential growth, local growers and sellers are having to tap into the New Zealand market.

So while we are running out of our favourite brunch snack, we're bloody lucky our Kiwi mates have our back. We may be looking to pay even more than $20 a pop though; in any case, it's worth it. 

Your Insta-feed is about to see a lot less smashed avo