You won't believe these top Sydney restaurants deliver

Text: Anna McClelland



Some of the city's best food, on demand? Just what we need on winter nights like these

Traditionally, takeaway has been limited to three main food groups: Thai, Indian and pizza. Which, as anyone with a healthy appetite for garlic naan knows, is all well and good, until you overdo it. If you're craving a change from your usual night-in delivery (we're guessing we're not the only ones who have upped the ante in that regard following the onset of Sydney's cold snap), take heart: some of Sydney's best restaurants now deliver.

How does settling in for the night with wine (sans the corkage), Netflix and the polenta chips from Jamie's Italian sound? Or sampling Toko's kingfish sashimi without the hour-long wait? All possible, friends, and highly recommended. All you need is food delivery service app Deliveroo downloaded on your phone, and suddenly, it's even more tempting to hibernate until the weather warms up. Click through the gallery above for our top picks.

You won't believe these top Sydney restaurants deliver (фото 1)

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