Which epic burger bar is FINALLY open in Sydney?

Which epic burger bar is FINALLY open in Sydney?

It’s about time

Text: Lucie Clark

You no longer have to a hop a southbound plane to get your Royal Stacks burger fix, Sydney’s first outlet opens today

Getting the meat-to-bun-to-sauce ratio exactly right in the burger making business is a very precise science, which until recently was done best by the burger flipping chefs in the US. They just really nail the concept of this dude food staple. However, as luck would have it, Melbourne-based foodie, Dani Zeini, saw this gaping burger-shaped hole in our hometown eating scene and promptly launched his now famous US-style Royal Stacks burger bar in Melbourne earlier this year.  "I've been obsessed with US burger culture for several years. Bringing this kind of culture to Australia but focusing on ethically and locally sourced ingredients is something I've always been excited about," Zeini says.

With a menu boasting eight different 'stacked' burgers - seven Aussie beef and one vego - all filled with locally sourced ingredients and knockout optional extras such as American cheddar, horseradish, shallot and gherkin mayo, and mac 'n' cheese croquette (on the burger) - it wasn't long before Sydneysider's called for their own slice of authentic burger joint goodness. Which Zeini answered via his sparkling new state-of-the-art Royal Stacks outlet open today at Westfield Chatswood. Did we mention they've got handmade frozen custard for dessert?

Royal Stacks is now open at Westfield Chatswood, 1 Anderson St, Chatswood.

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