Forget haloumi fries, cronuts, freakshakes, ice-cream fish and Nutella bacon - the latest food combination you need to know about is mac 'n' cheese doughnuts. As the name suggests, they consist of cheese soaked macaroni that has been crumbed and fried into doughnuts

'Where can I get one?' I hear you ask. Milky Lane in Sydney's Bondi has just added the glutinous item to their menu. The only bad thing is, it's for a limited time only so you need to act fast. And if a mac 'n' cheese doughnut doesn't satisfy all of your sweet AND savoury cravings (it should), the popular Bondi eatery also has next level items like burgers with pizzas for buns, peanut butter cocktails, loaded fries and churros bowls on their extremely OTT menu. Consider your diet officially over.

Yes, really: where to score mac 'n' cheese donuts in Sydney