Where to get the best takes on Australia's national dishes

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Forget the cricket - if Australia has one national pastime, it's eating and drinking

Our country's food scene has exceeded everyone's expectations this side of the year 2000 - our coffee (and our brunch scene) is as famous as our pristine coastline, with many of Australia's restaurants considered up there with the world's best. So no - you won't find Chiko rolls in the above list, but what you will find is unique takes on Aussie classics from some of our country's best dining establishments - from Bennelong's show-stopping pavlova with slivers of meringue that mimic the sails of the Opera House to their drool-inducing Cherry Jam Lamington surrounded by a bowl of shaved coconut ice-cream.

Among the roast lamb (try Chiswick's) and meat pie (Bourke Street Bakery, hands down), we've added a new cultural icon to the list - the ubiquitous avo on toast. Now as synonymous with Australian cuisine as Vegemite, our brunch dish of choice is being replicated as far afield as New York, London and LA. But if you're still loyal to the sticky black stuff, The Old Clare Hotel has the all-Aussie drink for you - a limited edition Vegemite Martini. Are you game?

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