Want your brekky delivered to you for free this week?

Want your brekky delivered to you for free this week?

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Hungover Sunday's just got that much better with Deliveroo now delivering breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when you've spent Saturday night knee deep in tequila shots chased with vodka-lime sodas, the last thing your body can do is slug itself out of bed and into the kitchen to fry just about anything you can get your hands on. Deliveroo understands this, and that is why from today they will be rolling out breakfast delivery nationwide*. Not all heroes wear capes, some jump onto a bicycle at 10AM on a Sunday to deliver you eggs benedict in bed.  

Over 250 restaurants across Australia will be fulfilling your hungover desires. In Sydney, brekky hotspots like Mary's Newtown and Kepos St Kitchen will be delivering the goods, down in Melbourne Tall Timber and Top Paddock are participating, and in Brisbane you can get breakfast delivered from brunch faves like Pineapple Express Café and Melt Brothers. Check out the Deliveroo app for a full list of restaurants and cafes participating in your area.

Left: Mary's Newtown, Right: Top Paddock Richmond

For those of you who have your life a little more together, breakfast can be delivered 7 days a week to your office, to the beach after a morning surf, and even to your gym after a workout.  And to celebrate the delivery service's breakfast extension, they're offering FREE DELIVERY* on all breakfast orders nationwide until October 22.

*Excluding Tasmania. Free delivery will be available from Monday, October 16 to Sunday, October 22.

Want your brekky delivered to you for free this week? (фото 1)

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