This Italian restaurateur is bringing Rome to Sydney

This Italian restaurateur is bringing Rome to Sydney

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Popolo’s Flavio Carnevale is moving his Rushcutters Bay restaurant to make way for a new Roman venture

There is a reason why Italian cuisine is a favourite among Sydney-siders, and you'll have only had to eat at Flavio Carnevale's, Popolo once to find out.  However, come August 13, the modern Italian restaurant will be leaving its home in Rushcutters Bay, to make way for Carnevale's second Italian venture, MARTA.

"Popolo has a formality to it that's better suited to the city," Carnevale explained of his first brainchild, which will be moving to new CBD digs next year. "With MARTA we wanted to create a true neighbourhood osteria so Rushcutters Bay was a natural fit."

MARTA will transform Popolo's former location with a new look and feel inspired by the personality, colour and (of course) flavours of Carnevale's hospitality roots in Rome. The open style kitchen will cater to big families, couples and walk-ins, and also houses a courtyard for those of us who just want to enjoy a prosecco in the sun.

The aim is to bring Roman diversity to the streets of Rushcutters Bay. "We are creating a space that has something for everyone... where it's common to find a politician beside a student in a neighbourhood osteria," says Carnevale.

The bustling kitchen will serve authentic Italian dishes such as baked anchovies, bucatini mussels tomato e pecorino, tonnarelli (thick spaghetti) abbacchio alla scottadito (lamb cutlets) and filetti di baccalà (cod fillet). The Roman focus will also show through the bar offering, with high-topped tables and a dedicated spritz bar-inspired drinks list.

MARTA is slated to open in Rushcutters Bay in mid-September.

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