There's a new vegan and vegetarian-only dating app

There's a new vegan and vegetarian-only dating app

A great way to meat like-minded people

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With the number of people who identify as either vegan or vegetarian steadily on the rise, there's a new dating app-specifically targeting the needs of this niche group

When it comes to online dating, success stories do exist, but they're a dime a dozen. And even if you manage to swipe right and score a decent date, while there's always going to be that initial attraction, it can sometimes be difficult to find common ground on your first date.

Well, if you're vegan or vegetarian, you're in luck. Say hello to V Love - a niche dating app that aims to connect people who all have one thing in common: they're all vegans or vegetarians.

V Love was founded by entrepreneur and long-time vegan Amber Gouzy after she noticed many of her inner circle struggling to find partners with similar values in the world of online dating. And while it may seem like the app only satisfies the needs of a very small market, more than ten per cent of Australians identify as vegetarian, which is a huge portion of the dating pool if you ask us.

Like most dating apps, V Love lets you create your own profile, and asks you for personal details like hair colour, eye colour, ethnicity and body type, as well as the all-important question about your diet preferences.  Matches are based on the V Love compatibility algorithm and connects users that live in the same area.

There's a new vegan and vegetarian-only dating app (фото 1)

Not vegan or vegetarian but dig a significant other who is? There's even an option to say you're "willing to go green" if you're not completely closed off to the idea of vegetarianism. Fool proof? There are no guarantees you'll find your Mr/Mrs Right, but we can at least assure there will be no awkward gaffes on your first date when ordering your meal.

V Love is available on the App Store and it's free to download but has a monthly subscription fee of $5.99 per month. For more info, visit

 There's a new vegan and vegetarian-only dating app (фото 2)

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