Now trending: Meet the world's most expensive sherry

Now trending: Meet the world's most expensive sherry

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Text: Yeong Sassall

With sherry on the rise as 2016's trending tipple, a legendary Spanish winemaker has released the priciest bottle yet

No longer reserved just for Nannas and their trifles, sherry has been having a major moment of late.  Globally, it's been one of the most popular ingredients in cocktail competitions and the darling suggestion of in-the-know "bartenders who like to surprise you"-type. While Australia seems to still be on the aperitif and gin train (enough with the negroni, you guys), in cities like London and Chicago, homes to many a classic cocktail, there has been a significant rise in bars dedicated to the versatile fortified white wine.

For those who take pride in their cocktail bar, and aren't afraid to jump aboard the gold cla$$ sherry train, a limited edition drop, the most expensive in the world, has just been released.

"Versos 1891" is a gorgeous drop by Spanish winemaker Barbadillo, that dates back over 100 years and costs a whopping $15,600 a bottle. And there are only 100 in existence. The drop comes from one of five casks known as "Las Botaas de los Niños", a christening gift given to former Barbadillo director, poet and sherry expert, Manuel Barbadillo when he was born in, you guessed it, 1891.

While a $15k bottle is clearly not for everyone, and well, to be honest, the "luxury sherry" category is still very new, it is rising as fast as "craft sherry", and most likely, both will be coming to a pop- up bar near you.  You could even take your Nan. 

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