The 20 best yum cha restaurants in Australia

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No need to hop an east-bound plane to get your steamed dumplings fix - there's seriously good dim sum to be found right across the country

The Chinese tradition of yum cha goes back a long way and with very good reason. This jasmine tea-sipping, dim sum-eating ritual has survived and thrived because it's a sweet, sour, spicy, flavour-packed odyssey. No other eating experience can replicate the kind of anticipation and angst that only waiting for your favourite dumplings to roll up to your table can induce: will that trolley of pork buns turn left or right? Does prawn toast or pig's trotters await in this bamboo steamer? Does my fortune cookie speak the truth? In no particular order, above is our edit of the top 20 places to have your Peking duck pancake and eat it too...

The 20 best yum cha restaurants in Australia (фото 1)

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