This continental dish is making a solid return thanks to dude food being back on the board

Guys are so lucky these days: the hipster health trend is on the wane, and everything-tastes-better-deep-fried man food is on the up. Take the humble slab of crumbed chicken, pork or veal: for years it was relegated to a couple of covert operators serving up quiet brewski 'n' schnitz combos accompanied by the one yodelling backing track still available on cassette tape. Cut to 2016 and there are a slew of slick eateries proudly plating up a ton of updated schnitzel dishes with the latest, sickest beats playing and craft beer on tap. The dude food revolution is truly here.

Click through the gallery for the 12 best places in Sydney to get the serious schnitzel goods - from date-worthy pubs to authentic eateries. Yodelling strictly optional. 

Dude food 2.0: the 12 best schnitzel places in Sydney