The Soda Factory to open a second Surry Hills bar

The Soda Factory to open a second Surry Hills bar

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They put hotdogs and ice-cream sodas (albeit alcohol-spiked ones) back on the menu, and now The Soda Factory is ready to start a new trend

Two years after launching the retro late-night-diner-with-dance-floor, owner Graham Cordery is set to open a second bar - this time inspired by his time in the Caribbean. Introducing Rosie Campbell's, a Jamaican-style rum bar due to warm up the Sydney winter.

"When I first visited Jamaica a few years ago, I was immediately blown away by the friendly, genuine nature of the culture, the big flavours in the food and the vibrancy of colours in every aspect of the island's art and design," says Cordery. "Rosie Campbell's will bring all of these elements to life in the heart of Surry Hills."

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Expect a well-stocked rum bar at night, with a Caribbean-inspired cocktail menu, a range of imported tequilas and Caribbean beer, and a menu that might just rival The Soda Factory's signature hotdogs - Caribbean chefs will serve up satisfying regional staples, from Saltfish fritters to jerk chicken. By day, you'll be able to drop by Rosie's for coffee, brunch and lunch.

"Surry Hills has been good to us. I live and work here and wanted to bring another unique concept to the area," says Cordery. That's fine by us. 

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