The crazy new dessert from the guy who created cronuts

The crazy new dessert from the guy who created cronuts

Hint: it's sweet AND savoury

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If you've gone Paleo, stop reading now: this news could easily throw you off the bandwagon

Remember when cronuts sent all foodies - and sweet tooths - into a frenzy? The award-winning chef behind the calorie-laden hybrid, Dominique Ansel of New York's Dominique Ansel Kitchen, has been slaving away in the kitchen concocting another bizarre food pairing: cheese ice-cream.

Before you toss it in the pile with Vegemite-laced chocolate, hear this: Ansel's creation is burrata (an Italian fresh cheese made from mozzarella and cream) soft serve with balsamic caramel and confit strawberry. And as anyone with a weakness for salted caramel knows, sweet and savoury pairings can go down a treat.

The crazy new dessert from the guy who created cronuts (фото 1)

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Not convinced? Ansel is also launching a more palatable gianduja (read: upmarket Nutella) flavour with salted hazelnut brittle, orange mist and sea salt. The two flavours will be sold from the new ice-cream window at Dominique Ansel Kitchen on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only. Heading to New York this July? Make this a must-try - although for those of you staying in Oz, we predict cheesy soft serve will make its way to a menu near you soon.

But of-course, Sydneysiders will know Ansel isn't the first to experiment with flavoured soft serve: Potts Point restaurant Cho Cho San has been serving up its strangely delicious green tea version for months.

Scroll through the gallery to see more of Dominique Ansel's sugar-laden delights:

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