The Newport just scored a stylish new bar and diner

The Newport just scored a stylish new bar and diner

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The Newport has opened a stylish new bar and brasserie, Bert’s, providing yet another compelling reason to dine out at this Northern Beaches icon

The Newport just keeps adding more and more reasons to spend a ton of leisure and dining time at their storied venue. Over summer they've been running all kinds of stellar events from their weekly outdoor film program to their local talent nights to Friday yoga. And all the while the venue is also busy serving up delicious food and cool beverages.

However, Merivale (owner of The Newport) is always looking to provide even more for their guests, which is where The Newport's sparkling new bar and brasserie, Bert's, comes in.

Bert's at The Newport

Bert's is part of the next phase of Merivale's redevelopment of The Newport, offering a dedicated bar and brasserie overlooking the grounds of The Newport and the gorgeous Pittwater. The restaurant and bar took inspiration from the grand European hotel dining rooms of the 1930s, when dining out on holiday was still a glamourous event.

"We want to create that sense of a relaxed indulgence you experience on a coastal European holiday," said executive chef Jordan Toft in a press statement.

Bert's at The Newport

As for the menu, it's crafted to reflect those elegant holiday vibes with dishes like hand-picked whole mud crab from the raw bar, oysters on the half shell, fresh salads from the larder, Australia's best meat and seafood straight from the grill or oven, and classic desserts like mango and coconut pavlova.

Bert's food

The wine list is extensive, featuring 750 drops and the dedicated cocktail list is a carefully edited mix reminiscent of an American country club or five star European hotel bar.

Bert's at The Newport

Bert's is now open and is located at The Newport, 2 Kalinya St, Newport. For opening hours and bookings:

The Newport just scored a stylish new bar and diner (фото 1)

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