From Sydney to Perth, we've covered all the clean eating bases from vegetarian and organic to wholesome and hearty.

Salad used to get a bad wrap - it was the limp lettuce leaf on a side plate which gave a very slight nod towards healthy eating. But no longer. With clean eating firmly on the agenda and access to mouth-watering, fresh produce, Aussies have truly embraced the big salad not as an afterthought, but as the main meal. Opting for a hearty, filling, vibrant plate of greens (or reds if you're team cabbage) for breakfast, lunch or dinner is what we're calling the new eating order. There really is no better time to make friends with salad.

Here, we chart the top 16 places around Australia to get your kale on. Dig in.

Five a day: 16 of the best salads in Australia