The 20 best Aussie bars to hit up this summer

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What could be more summer than sinking a few at your local bar? Read on for 20 superbly stylish ones to hit up now

There are few things that scream 'summer in Australia' more than a trip to your local bar on a balmy summer's night. With a cold beer, wine or cocktail in hand, anything becomes possible and it's easy to see how a quick afternoon drink can turn into a session that stretches well beyond midnight. After all, isn't that what we most love about summer?

With that in mind, we've compiled a list of our favourite drinking haunts around Australia. Whether you're after a casual beverage, a delicious meal or a spot of dancing, these 20 destinations offer something a little special. So you can treat this gallery like your summer bucket list, or use it as a resource next time you embark on a weekend getaway - just don't blame us when the drinks start flowing and you stay out well past your self-imposed curfew. Cheers.

The 20 best Aussie bars to hit up this summer (фото 1)

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