Baby, it's cold outside

We get it: it's cold and dark and there's a never-ending line up of Netflix reasons to hunker down and stay indoors until the warm rays return come September. But then you'd miss all the frankly mind-blowing winter-only dishes Sydney's restaurants are dishing up. That second helping of mac 'n' cheese at Rockpool Bar and Grill? No brainer. As for cocktail hour - red wine is a proven internal heating mechanism and tastes better when enjoyed with friends over a plate of something piping hot you haven't cooked yourself. The couch will still be there when you get back, promise.

From the most compelling reason to get out of bed (Bills' ricotta hotcakes), to the it's-only-justifiable-to-eat-in-winter (hello, chocolate fondue) to spiced-up ramen to sizzling hot furnace-fired eats, we present 13 of the most delicious dishes to eat in Sydney this winter.

Beat the chill: Sydney's 13 best dishes to dine out on this winter