The 10 best ice cream and gelato scoops in Sydney

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Sydney is home to great beaches, enviable weather and... some of the best gelato joints in the country. Read on for our top 10 list

A knockout scoop of ice-cold, creamy, handmade gelato is pretty much the meaning of a happy life. I mean, have you really lived if you haven't experienced the sublime pleasure/pain of a full frontal ice cream headache? It's a crazy sort of bliss that makes eating ice cream one of the true pleasures of life. Sydney's talent pool in the gelato making and scooping game is blazing with strong rivalries between gelato creators ensuring we, the ice cream connoisseur, have access to a slew of exceptional flavours that astound even the most serious of ice cream aficionado. And frankly mainlaining a scoop of pimped out cookies and cream, passionfruit, strawberry, or mint choc chip gelato is a pretty good-looking end game. That's the (ice cream) dream.

For a fully articulated gelato dream, scroll through for 10 of the best ice creameries shaking up the Sydney gelato scene. Your taste buds will believe the hype.

The 10 best ice cream and gelato scoops in Sydney (фото 1)

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