The 10 best ice-cream and gelato scoops in Melbourne

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We've covered Sydney's 10 best scoops and now we're heading south to shine the spotlight on sister city Melbourne. Will her top 10 gelato and ice-cream joints beat Sydney in this delicious parlour game?

With Melbourne's cooler climes and coffee, coffee, coffee mantra, an iced up dessert may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you're thinking VIC cuisine. But European culture is strong down here, and as it turns out, Melbourne might just be the underrated champion of the Australian gelato scene. With artisanal and traditional gelato-makers churning out some major velvety smooth ice-cream satisfaction, utilising best-in-source ingredients and inspired techniques, it's got serious ice-cream story-line significance.

Read on for the top 10 ice-cream and gelato joints in Melbourne.

The 10 best ice-cream and gelato scoops in Melbourne (фото 1)

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