The 10 best high-end Chinese restaurants in Sydney

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When the craving for a Peking duck pancake, a plate of sizzling beef with black bean or a bite-sized sang choy bao hits there's nothing for it but to head directly out for Chinese chow

And that craving won't be satisfied if it's a plastic takeout container of limp, watery chicken 'n' cashew. To truly get your fix think elevated, authentic Cantonese or Szechuan flavours in a high-end Shanghai-style setting. Which for Sydneysiders doesn't require jumping a plane to China since our harbourside town is stacked with upmarket, gourmet Chinese restaurants ready to take your sweet and sour pork order.

In no particular order, we present the top 10 high-end Chinese restaurants in Sydney:

The 10 best high-end Chinese restaurants in Sydney (фото 1)

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