The 10 best espresso martinis in Sydney

Text: Anna McClelland

Is it cocktail hour yet?

If there's two things Sydney does exceptionally well, it's coffee and cocktails (Melbourne - we're coming for you). Ergo, the matchless success of the espresso martini - a drink that appeals to guys and girls alike, tastes as good as it looks and gives the kind of buzz you'd normally only get from your morning double-shot flat white. A boozy caffeine hit? You don't have to think twice.

In the name of research, we sipped our way through some of the city's most high-octane coffee-infused cocktails, and discovered (although the details are a little hazy) that just like you wouldn't dream of ordering your daily fix just anywhere, there are good espresso martinis and, tbh, quite bad. According to Vittoria's Simon Creswick, the key is freshly ground, high quality beans (he prefers a full-bodied, medium dark espresso) and the right balance of coffee and alcohol. "Our experience is that vodka makes a smoother drink than gin as a base," he says.

Creswick likes adding a pinch of cocoa and chilli to his spiked caffeine hit, but why stop there? Woolloomooloo's Riley Street Garage adds salted caramel and biscotti to theirs; Opera Bar tops their version with toasted marshmallows and over at Eau de Vie, the Espresso Zabaione is a sinfully intense mix of coffee, spirits, saffron and vanilla mousse, maple syrup and liquid nitrogen. Find some of the city's best in the gallery above. 

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