Rise and shine: the 10 best bakeries in Sydney

Site: Lucie Clark

Image: Image: La Bretagne Bakery Rose Bay

Is there anything more irresistible than a fresh batch of gooey chocolate brownies, just-risen sourdough or puffed-up sweet pie issuing out of a hot oven?

Probably not. So thank god for Sydney's best bakeries. Because to be honest, if there was a world where baked goods were carb, sugar and guilt free, the 80/20 diet would look like 80 per cent cake/pastry/loaf and 20 per cent everything else (fruit, vege or protein) - and the 20 per cent would only happen because bakers need a tea-break now and then. Baked goods are so enticing, their aroma is even used by savvy real estate agents as a ninja selling tool to shift properties (true story).

So when the fresh baked goods craving comes calling, here are the ten best bakeries in Sydney to anwer with a sweet or savoury hit of flavour.

Rise and shine: the 10 best bakeries in Sydney (фото 1)

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