Sweet and sour: the 10 best laksa places in Sydney

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How do you like your laksa? Sweet, sour or sweet and sour? Whichever way your tastebuds tangle, we've got you covered

Ah laksa. Just thinking about this steamy, aromatic, spiced up, full-bodied noodle soup makes the mouth water and the tummy rumble. Hailing from the hawker street food markets of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, there's something about a perfectly balanced bowl of laksa that once tasted, has you hooked you for life. Whether you're into the sweet coconut milk curry laksa or addicted to the sour-faced punch of fish and tamarind assam curry, if you're considering DIYing this delicious dish at home, think hard. To get the flavour ratio just right, sometimes it's best to leave it to the pros. Thanks to our proximity to the mother laksa land (Southeast Asia), we've got a ton of exceptional, authentic eat-out options on our doorstop, no jetsetting or home cooking required. 

In no particular order, we present the top 10 places in Sydney to get your laksa bowl comprehensively filled. Permission to slurp.

Sweet and sour: the 10 best laksa places in Sydney (фото 1)

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