We've all had or atleast heard of the superfood smoothie, a drink so packed with antioxidant-rich berries and superfoods that after just one sip you feel like you've had a complete health overhaul. But when it comes to the après-work drinks situation all that good health work is undone after a sip or three of your favourite aperitif. Which is where the Fair spirits brand comes in.

Fair spirits include a range of berry-based liqueurs like Goji Liqueur and Açai Liqueur that are basically your superfood hit at cocktail hour. Handcrafted in France, Fair sources all their ingredients from Fair Trade suppliers making them they're the world's first Fair Trade Certified spirits brand. As for the health benefits, Fair Goji Liqueur is made from organic goji berries which is an antioxidant-packed super fruit. They suggest pairing it with prosecco, soda water and a garnish of vitamin C-packed orange. The Açai Liqueur is also a powerful superfood sipper. Açai berries come from the Amazon rainforest and are stacked with antioxidants, amino acids, fibre, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals - making them basically one of the most health-giving foods on earth.

Fair Acai Liqueur

Thanks to Fair, Friday night cocktail hour will now be semi-healthy and close to guilt-free. Cheers!

For more information head to: fair-drinks.com

Superfood cocktails? Now possible thanks to this berry-based liqueur