As if anyone ever needed an excuse to dive face first into a jar/doughnut/crepe of Nutella after a tough day, the world has nevertheless given us one. Enter World Nutella Day, one of those legit dessert holidays that gives sugar addicts the perfect pretext for getting high in the most legal way possible. And while we can certainly recommend the old way to get your Nutella fix (a jar of the good stuff, a spoon and a Netflix subscription), if you're willing to leave the house and get a little more, shall we say, adventurous, here are the best ways to get your Nutella fix.

1. Doughnut Time

Sunday is World Nutella Day: here’s how to get your fix

"I've tried 'Love at First Bite' already," we can hear you smugly saying. Nu uh, forget everything because you haven't tried 'Montella Jordan' yet. According to Doughnut Time (and our discerning tastebuds here at Buro), it's "filled to the brim with Ferrero's finest, glazed, dipped in rainbow sprinkles and topped with chocettes, roasted hazelnuts and a mini jar of Nutella. It's not for the faint-hearted!" You can say that again - consider this their usual Nutella-filled doughnut on steroids. And then some. 

Available at all Doughnut Time stores on Saturday, February 4 and Sunday, February 5 for $8 each. Head to to find your nearest outlet

2. Tella Balls Dessert Bar, Sydney

Sunday is World Nutella Day: here’s how to get your fix

We made you drool over Tella Balls way back in 2015, but turns out in the intervening year or so since opening, they've gone bigger and better. Case in point: in addition to their usual Nutella-powered spherical doughnuts, chocolate kebabs, waffles, pizza, pasta, milkshakes and ice-cream creations, they've now added a Nutella challenge. Yep, they're giving game customers the chance to dig into six stacked pancakes smothered in Nutella and topped with vanilla bean gelato - and if you can do it in 10 minutes you get the meal for free. Go on, we dare you.

To take the challenge, head to one of Tella Balls two Sydney locations in Dulwich Hill or Concord,

3. Four Frogs Creperie, Sydney

Sunday is World Nutella Day: here’s how to get your fix

With no less than four styles of Nutella crepes, PLUS a hot Nutella drink and a Nutella milkshake, consider this a novel way to up your Nutella count this weekend. While we can't go past a classic Nutella crepe, dare we suggest trying the strawberry or banana option, too? Or why not go full throttle and hit up the Nutella. strawberry and ice-cream one? You probably deserve it.

For more details on  Four Frogs Mosman, Circular Quay and Randwick locations, visit

4.  DIY World Nutella Day

Sunday is World Nutella Day: here’s how to get your fix

Just want to sit at home and enjoy your hazlenut spread in peace? We hear ya. But if you want to join masses online sharing recipes, videos and read up on the history of the day (it was invented by American blogger Sara Rosso back in 2007, jsut so you know), head to and get connected.

Sunday is World Nutella Day: here’s how to get your fix